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How Is Artificial Intelligence Useful in Aerospace Sector?

As a long-time pilot and commercial pilot I know that the human brain power is the main ingredient of human resource which is crucial for the aviation sector. If we take human resource productivity as one of the main drivers of our growth then AI has created many other opportunities. We are not just talking about getting more crew to fly, get more customers and expand the existing fleet but also take a step forward in terms of AI passenger identification. AI passenger identification is a system that will take all the data about every passenger traveling in the air with the help of machine learning techniques. The information about each passenger will be stored in the machine and when they are traveling the machine will identify the same person by the same name.

How is artificial intelligence useful in the aviation sector? Now if you have heard about self directed flying by AI machine, then you must be wondering how this is going to work. Well, this is a completely new concept and has already started working on UAVs or unmanned aerial vehicles. Similarly in the case of AI passenger identification the machine will collect data about the individual and then use sophisticated algorithms to make the final identification.

This whole process will be called as Computerized AI (Computer Artificial Intelligence) and Machine Learning. However the term Artificial Intelligence is somewhat misleading as it is something more than that. AI is actually a branch of computer science that uses and operates on artificial intelligence. It combines traditional methods and application of science with creative thinking and innovative solution to complex problems.

The future of the world is headed towards the Machine Intelligence (machine) based on reality and that is why we should take all the advantages of it. Some of the benefits of AI machine are listed as follows machine will be able to diagnose and cure many future health related issues which include Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Autism, Alzheimer’s, Diabetes and many more. This will help the human race and make our life easy and comfortable. On the other hand the machine can also make a decision based on its analysis and quick evaluation of data.

How is artificial intelligence useful in the aviation sector? In the aviation sector, it plays a very vital role. First it will perform all the calculation and operations automatically. In addition to this, the machine will also make decisions and fly the plane by itself without any human supervision or guidance. Next, it will deliver passengers and also pilots the best quality services with minimum stress.

So, we can say that A.I. is the combination of three things-artificial intelligence, computer science and software engineering. If we want to develop such machines, then we need an experienced team of scientists, programmers and enthusiasts. A.I. will definitely help us in our goal to produce the best quality products and services in the world.

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