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Top Travel Spots in the United States

The U.S. is a tremendously big country of 50 states across a vast stretch of North America, fittingly covered by the states of California, Texas, New York, and Florida. Big Midwestern metropolises like Chicago, Kansas City, St Louis, and San Francisco are centers of professional business and political power; New York is the cultural and entertainment capital of the world. Midwestern metropolises like Detroit, Milwaukee, and Indianapolis give the north a taste of what life in southern states can offer; Washington, DC, the national capital, is the legal and political heart of government.

There is no dearth of beautiful places in the U.S., as each state has many lovely destinations and tourist attractions. Some of the most beautiful and popular cities and towns in the country are those in the northeast and mid-west, where spectacular scenery abounds and idyllic fishing and hunting springs to near-endless enthusiasm. A number of long, historic and beautiful place names have been given to the states, such as Great Salt Lake City, Missoula, Jackson, and the Ozark Mountains. Grand Canyon, Yosemite National Park, and the Great Wall of China are all within easy reach of each other, making it easy to see why they are the most popular destinations in the country. Hawaii is another favorite destination, with many beaches, volcanoes, and islands in close proximity. Others not so popular include Las Vegas, which are far too expensive to be a cheap holiday getaway, and Atlantic City, which has been closed to tourists for several years.

Most of the favourite destination holiday spots in the U.S. are located in the south and west. Cities like New Orleans, Atlanta, and Phoenix offer a variety of unique cuisines, music, and sights for all seasons. Some popular southern place names include Memphis, New Orleans, Houston, and Galveston. Tucson, Arizona, is another popular destination, as it offers scenic views of the Pacific Ocean and beautiful hills. The capital, Washington, D.C., is known not only for the monuments but for its historical sites and museums. Many historical societies maintain long-term curiosities that attract visitors from around the world.

The west coast is also a great place to go on vacation, offering California, Oregon, Colorado, Wyoming, and New Mexico all-encompassing outdoor adventures. Visitors to Los Angeles, which is one of the most famous and expensive places to live, will be awed by the amount of natural scenery and Hollywood-style architecture that makes up the city. Other popular outdoor locations include San Francisco, which is famous for its food, art, and shopping. Portland, Oregon, is an even more popular tourist destination. It is known as a city with a “grass-roots” appeal and is famous for its music, film, and coffee shops.

A number of different international airports exist in the United States, making flying to many popular destinations a breeze. All major airlines offer direct flights to Las Vegas, which offers visitors a chance to see some of the finest nightclubs in the world. Las Vegas is also the home of the famous Grand Canyon, which has been a favored site for film and television shows for decades. Water parks are also common sights in Las Vegas, and visitors are often attracted to Sin City because of the casinos.

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